Who is liable if the product is defective or harms the consumer?

  1. The designer for designing something with a flaw?
  2. The technician for allowing the flaw to persist?
  3. The quality control staff for not catching the flaw?
  4. The factory for manufacturing the product?
  5. The importer for not doing due diligence before importing it?
  6. The retailer that sold the product to the consumer?
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Liability is lost across country boundaries

Unless the factory is located in a country with similar laws and legal structures similar to your country, you shouldn’t count on being able to put liability on them.

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Finding a Good Factory

A lot relevant stuff is covered in finding a good factory which talks about the different factors in choosing a factory.



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Uncle Ming

Uncle Ming

A first generation immigrant with a background in manufacturing in Asia for big and small companies. Always on the go, but currently living in Saigon, Vietnam.